With this as their core initiative, Biostadt India Limited has been serving the farming community for over three decades. An impressive track record takes forward its strategy to hold the leading position in the biotechnology research-based agro inputs. This strategy has been further supported with safer and specialty chemical pesticides. The tremendous growth in the business in a span of just 10 years has itself created a story to talk about. Now, Biostadt India Limited is firmly positioned to address the emerging local and global challenges. We help in providing the farmers not just customized products but customized solutions, developing and evaluating products and processes for improving their satisfaction. Our extensive high-quality product range that includes insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, hybrid seeds, aqua products and farm services, further supports this goal. We offer amongst the best of farm protection and associated products in India. We ventured to extend our vision in serving the farming community by introducing, for the first time in India, a chain of "Biostadt Aastha Clinics" that addressed the three healthcare needs of the farmer - a doctor for his family's health, a vet to take care of his animals and a crop care specialist to ensure a healthy crop produce.


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