Our company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of products such as Water Heater, Solar Water Heating System, Solar Lightning System, Solar Accessories and Solar Equipments. Solar Energizers (P) Ltd an integrated solar water heater company was started in 1995. A Bangalore based company with all India Operations it is promoted by the following experienced technocrats : Managing Director - Mr. Khuzem N Tambawala (B. Tech). Oversees the design, manufacture, quality assurance, sales, customer services and management activities through Bangalore Unit Director - Mr.Abizer N Tambawala (B. E.) Oversees the design, sales, customer and management activities through Mumbai facilities Including Market development and project based designing. Today Solar Energizers (P) Ltd through continuous incorporation of new technologies and practices is recognized as a specialist manufacturer of: Custom Designed Domestic Water Heating Systems to match building Aesthetics, Innovative mounting structures, superior Insulation practices, tailored capacity etc. Fully Automatically controlled Solar Water Heating Systems Heat Exchanger based Solar Water Heating System for Hard Water & Industrial Process Applications Hybrid Systems like Solar-Electric, Solar-Boiler, Solar-Gas Types ideal for use in Industries, Hotels, Hospitals etc. Our product capacities range from 100 LPD to 1000 LPD Systems for Domestic. Uses and 1000 LPD to 1,00,000 LPD Capacity for Institutional uses. We are committed to working relentlessly towards improvement in the performance of all our system offerings. Our Company has various in-house departments as mentioned below: • R & D Dept • Accounts Dept • Marketing Dept • Design Dept • Production Dept • Stores Dept • Quality Control Dept • Purchase Dept

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