Electrical Rubber Mats

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  • Rs. 1,950.00

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Min. Order Qty. 10

Manufacturers and Distributors of Electrical Rubber Mats in India.The Electrical mats are ISI approved and available for voltages of 3.3KV,11KV and 33KV .These insulation mats are developed for safety of workers while working with high or Low Voltage Electrical equipment.These mats are laid on floors in close vicinity to Electrical apparatus, L.T & H.T Control Panels, Switchboards, Fuse Boxes, Switch-gear, electrical Bus Bars & Heavy machinery. Insulation mats are made mandatory to be installed in Industrial Premises for safety of workers involved in any operation related to electricity generation, transmission or distribution.

Electric Safety Mats supplied by us compliance Indian/National/International Standards ASTM(American Society for Testing and Materials), IEC(International Electro technical Commission), BIS(Bureau of Indian Standards)..