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Type-A: TENT SIZE 8'L X 8'B X 8'HT = RS.32000/-
Type-B: TENT SIZE 8'L X 12'B X 8'HT = RS.41600/-
Type-C: TENT SIZE 8'L X 16'B X 8'HT = RS.51200/-
Suitable for Temprory Office, Classroom, Picnics, Temporary Accommodation,
Rain shade / Sun shade in Farm House, Cabins for Sports Day, VIP stay, etc

For Temprory Accomodation
Type-A: For 2+1 person # Type-B: For 5 person # Type-C: For 6 person

Do it yourself Assembly, Onsite assembly at certain location provided at extra cost
Material: Aluminum Framing, Cotton Woven Fabric side, Waterproof Cloth Roofing, Net Windows

PLEASE NOTE: Made to Order item. Goods once sold will not be taken back.
Delivery Charge: As per actual